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Role : Procurement Specialist


1. Under direct supervision, provides support to Procurement staff.

2. Inputs and verifies correctness of data.

3. Timely order conversions from purchase requisitions considering predefined criteria.

4. Follow up with the suppliers to get timely confirmations on the orders.

5. Maintain good communication with cross functions & suppliers to assure timely delivery of materials and services.

6. Resolve inbound shipment issue with logistics & warehouse.

7. Resolve delivery, quality issues and cost through problem solving and supplier performance improvements.

8. Assist in the identification and elimination of non-value added steps in the supply chain.

9. Follow up with the accounts payable and vendors to resolve invoice issues.

10. Prepares and maintains routine data files and reports in compliance with established policies.

11. Actively uses continuous improvement tools to improve quality, delivery and customer satisfaction.

12. Assists with special projects as assigned & conducts all business activities in accordance with Health, Safety and Environmental policies.

Minimum Requirments:

1. Experience - 2 to 4 years of experience in Procurement

2. Education - Bachelors Degree in commerce / science

3. Good MS-Excel Knowledge 

4. Good written and verbal communication skills.

5. Good analytical, math, communication and interpersonal skills.

Location: Navi Mumbai

Role : Business Unit Head (e-Mobility)

Description 1. Responsible for preparing a budget, as well as overseeing the creation and preparation of market reports. 
2. Determine what resources are needed, how those resources need to be allocated, and how to track expenditures. 
3. Works to develop policies, goals, and tactics to achieve the fiscal goals of the business. 
4. Continually provide oversight to ensure that business plans and budgets are followed & take corrective action if there is deviation from expectations or standards. 
5. Responsible for overseeing the work force of their subordinates. Cultivate a motivated team that is adequately staffed and properly trained. 
6. Establishes goals for individual team members, defines their functions, and establishes the parameters for performance evaluation. 7. Responsible for expanding unit's market, in part by networking with appropriate members of the industry. 
8. Participates in the organization of industry or trade associations; strong industrial ties and connections are created and maintained through the faithful participation in the trade organizations.
Minimum Requirments: 1. Willingness to lead, take charge, and offer opinions and direction. 
2. Educational Qualification - Master in Business Administration (Marketing/Finance/Operations) 
3. Experience - At least 10 years of experience as a Senior Manager
Location: Navi Mumbai

Role : Field Sales Executive

Description 1. Provide quality customer service, including interacting with customers & handling enquiries 
2. Maintain daily database of area visited, clients contacted 
3. Target, Prepare & Assign sales areas for next day 
4. Segregate leads into Cold, Warm, Hot leads 
5. Handover warm & hot leads Sales co-ordinator for site survey, meeting or proposal 
6. Handover all leads to Leads Manager for CRM entry 
7. Provide team with a vision and objectives & help team reach respective KPIs 
8. Ensure that the associates adhere to the process 
9. Develop filing system that keeps all active sales files digitally & in hard form 
10. Ensure inventory of sales materials & keep them up to date 
11. Prepare detailed sales report about team performance, objectives & KPIs 
12. Take a regular follow up on each lead
Minimum Requirments: 1. Good communication skills in English, Hindi & Marathi 
2. Strong proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Access, Word & Power Point 
3. Ability to work well in a fast paced environment 
4. Experience - 1-2 years 
5. Educational Qualification - Diploma/Bachelors in Arts/Commerce
Location: Navi Mumbai

Role : Leads Sourcing & Management

Description 1. Maintain daily database of area visited, clients contacted 
2. Segregate leads into Cold, Warm, Hot leads 
3. Call & setup site survey, meetings with clients 
4. Manage & plan calls, visits, meetings, site surveys & communicate with the team 
5. Ensure site visits are done & proposals are sent as scheduled 
6. Develop filing system that keeps all active sales files digitally & in hard form 
7. Ensure inventory of sales materials & keep them up to date 
8. Collect, segregate & organize leads from the Outside/Inside sales team 
9. Enter customer database in CRM ERP 
10. Take a regular follow up on each lead 
11. Call and follow up on proposals sent & divert hot leads to reporting manager 
12. Print & send proposals via courier
Minimum Requirments: 1. Receiving, and obtaining information from all relevant sources 
2. Keeping up-to-date and sourcing new leads from different avenues 
3. Good communication skills in English, Hindi & Marathi 
4. Strong proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Access, Word & Power Point 
5. Ability to work well in a fast paced environment 
6. Experience - 1- 4 years 
7. Education Qualification - Bachelors in Commerce/Arts
Location: Navi Mumbai

Role : Business Development Manager (Renewable Energy)

Description 1. Perform extensive secondary research on Lead Generation, Company Profiling and Industry Analysis 
2. Prepare proposals, quotations, contracts and presentations for potential solar customers 
3. Understand the engineering and design aspects of every solar energy product, system and service, based on electrical energy requirements, site conditions, price and other factors 
4. Make out the differences of the different models we offer, the benefits and detriments of both to a consumer 
5. Assess sites to determine the suitability for the equipment we use. This includes understanding area/ tape measures, shadows, elevation, surroundings, climate and roof orientation 
6. Based on the needs, should be able to make a layman understand the benefits of going solar, the value addition of it to their business and their payback term.
Minimum Requirments: 1. An analytical mind, methodical and well organized 
2. Excellent communication and presentation skills 
3. Good numerical, analytical and problem-solving skills 
4. A strategic thinker with strong organizational and analytical skills 
5. The highest ethical values in professional and personal conduct 
6. Specific scientific or technical knowledge to work as an industrial researcher 
7. Commercial awareness with corporate clients 
8. Experience - 4 - 6 years 
9. Qualification - Masters in Energy Engineering/MBA in Operations/Bachelors in Engineering
Location: Navi Mumbai

Role : Project Engineer (Renewable Energy)

Description 1. Responsible for operational level understanding of the requirement of the client/customer, Site Visits, Site feasibility & Solar Systems Design and complete execution. 
 2. Able to check site feasibility and provide the best suitable option for enhancing suitability. 
3. Designing of arrangements of the solar panels for Rooftop & Ground Mounted & other various supported Electrical equipments & selection of cables for plant including layouts & schematic diagrams and calculation of technical Sizing, BOQ/BOM.  
4. Drawing/Document submission/approvals, scheduling, Factory inspections, proving the guaranteed prepared a generalized check list for review of all standard. 
 5. End to end execution of solar projects (Rooftop & Ground Mounted) and AMC / Service Support. 
6. Designing the simulations must have expertise on software like STAAD-PRO, Solid works, etc. and similar simulators and expertise in AutoCAD and related designing tools. 
7. Having knowledge of IS & specifications needed for the designing and execution of solar projects. 
 8. Having knowledge of PV SYST or similar software and should have good knowledge for conducting all essential tests required in entire Solar Project Execution. 
 9. Maintaining of files and documents as back-up for estimate figures, including current (accurate) information on prices from suppliers through direct contact, sales brochures, price lists. 
10. To provide with up-to-date weekly / fortnightly status report . 
11. Develop MIS and ability to analyse market data.
Minimum Requirments: 1. Making Decisions, Solving Problems & and evaluating results to choose the best solution 
2. Interacting With Computers 
3. Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates 
4. Communicating with people outside the organization, representing the organization to customers, the public, government, and other external sources. This information can be exchanged in person, in writing, or by telephone or e-mail. 
5. Providing guidance and expert advice to management or other groups on technical, systems-, or process-related topics. 
6. Scheduling procurement, delivery, installation and commissioning activities, as well as the work of others. 
7. Experience - 1-2 years 8. Education Qualifications - Diploma/Bachelors in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering
Location: Navi Mumbai